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by Rocker in Features

From Across The Seas, The Axe Men Cometh. Throw your shapes, unleash your riffs and twiddle [...]

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The Legendary Find My Band Playlist

  • 2_Working

    The Number Twos Playlist

    March 1, 2015 // 0 Comments

    “I am number 2”. A Playlist of Number Twos?  Indeed.  A classic Find My Band playlist containing tracks that all appear at position two on there respective classic Rock Albums. Nothing here that is attracting flies and heading down the pipe to the North Sea. Every track is a classic. All your favourites are represented. Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Slayer, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Nirvana and many more. Turn it up to 11 and enjoy Band Track Album 1 Guns & Roses Is So Easy Appetite For Destruction 2 ACDC Shoot To Kill Back In Black 3 Judas Priest Metal Gods British Steel 4 Faith No More Epic The Real Thing 5 Aerosmith FINE PUMP 6 Iron Maiden Children Of The Damned The Number of The Beast 7 Slayer Blood Red Seasons In The Abyss 8 Nirvana In Bloom Nevermind 9 Black Sabbath A National Acrobat Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 10 Anthrax Caught In A Mosh Among The Living 11 [...]
  • Ozzy_PL_Wk
  • Out of the primordial Thrash Metal cuppa soup emerged Four Thrash Metal super groups.
  • Queen Playlist

    Queen Playlist


  • Steve Clarke

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  • 2_Working
  • Hchildren_Wk
  • Chris_Holmes_final
  • Ozzy_PL_Wk
  • vega
  • FreeState Guitars
  • Roadman_2
  • Uhub
  • Out of the primordial Thrash Metal cuppa soup emerged Four Thrash Metal super groups.
  • Find My Band. Unsigned Band Directory
  • Paul_Dian_Interview
  • wings of pegasus
  • Iron Maiden Killers. One of heavy metals greatest achievements

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Classic Albums from Classic Times

  • Hchildren_Wk

    The Headless Children. WASP

    February 22, 2015 // 0 Comments

    Is The Headless Children the most underrated metal album of all time? Yes almost certainly.  The Headless Children is a classic (if not a definitive example of 1980’s Heavy Metal), but a record that never gained the respect that it deserved despite containing some of metals greatest and innovative moments. The Headless Children is the finest hour of Blackie Lawless and WASP.  A  record of incredible riffs, solos, melody and  surprising lyrical content and meaning.  WASP’S  1992 Crimson Idol  is also a great album but an album that piggy backed on the new maturing musical direction [...]

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